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2010-04-22 22:36:32 by sandwich989

Someday I'm gonna make a pivot. But I have to find out how to get Pivots on to newgrounds what ever.


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2010-04-22 22:40:10

You just have to covert them to swf. Which is a painful process.

Either they get raped in quality, or you have to spend several hours onion skinning.

sandwich989 responds:

I dont know how to do that though.


2010-04-22 22:42:37

Ehh, I don't think Pivot counts as flash, but if you find a way to convey a story, go for it! I know all I can come up with is mindless stick fights, bullettime ninjas, and more stickmen accidentally killing each other in humorous ways... And none of those I know, are allowed here.
I've got a funny animation peeing on my brain, but I can't get it out right.

:D Just droppin' by. You on any Pivot fanbases?

sandwich989 responds:

I dunno any. But i am a fan of any can you lead me to any.


2010-04-22 23:35:49

"do it big or don't do it at all"- e-40

sandwich989 responds:

I'll keep that in mind.


2010-04-23 00:47:22

Post it here>------- 140612

sandwich989 responds:



2010-10-30 10:01:23

maybe i could help ya! but can we work together on my pivot project too? :P

sandwich989 responds:

Alright I'd like to help you. :D


2011-02-07 20:16:07

What? Are you kidding? "Dot Dot Dot - Animated" is really what Newgrounds has to offer! Pure humor on a simple animated flash about something ludicrous in society!
Do you know how many times I've replayed this damn flash!? Hell with that! I was counting, but I lost it yesterday! What is really epic in this one is that people like to refer to Newgrounds content (comments and games, specially to criticize or mock them x), advertising other games/users in the portal, with the simplest but the most brilliant idea of placing a Youtube copyrighted song with a simple yet amusing animated text in the background!
This is also the Newgrounds A$$-pwnage-kick to Youtube, and you should rejoice with it with vibrant songs and epicness =:~D